One-Stop Platform To Build AI Vision Applications

Tuba.AI is a No-Code platform that simplifies the development of AI computer vision applications. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily label and train datasets, as well as deploy and monitor models without writing a single line of code. This tool offers flexibility, allowing users to selectively initiate tasks at any stage, leveraging its modular capabilities.

Tuba Label

Rather than investing countless hours in manually labelling extensive datasets, entrust Tuba.AI to streamline and accelerate the process with superior accuracy and efficiency.

Simply select the labelling type, upload your images and proceed to labelling by just a few clicks!

Upon completion, you have the option to download your labelled dataset or proceed with training.

Tuba Train

Swiftly import a labelled dataset, select the training type, and choose the fitting configuration for your model.

Alternatively, use Tuba.AI‘s AutoML engine to intelligently search through thousands of models and autonomously select the most suitable configuration for you.

After successfully completing the training, you can download the trained model.

Tuba Deploy

Regardless of whether it was trained on Tuba.AI, import your trained model, select the operation type, write down the labels you have used, and complete the deployment seamlessly to AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Tuba.AI As A Low-Code

Select the suitable Software Development Kit, and develop personalised and polished applications tailored to meet your unique business needs. 

Automatic Image Labelling

Acquire the ability to efficiently and swiftly annotate large volumes of image data.

Object Detection & Segmentation Training

Obtain the ability to build and train models for object detection and segmentation tasks.

Classification Models Training

Gain the power to build and train classification models for different applications.

Model Deployment

Effortlessly deploy all your machine learning models and seamlessly integrate them into your workflows.

Job Manager

Develop the expertise to proficiently oversee and coordinate machine learning tasks. Utilise our range of tools, libraries, and APIs to design, schedule, monitor, and control machine learning jobs and workflows, ensuring optimal resource allocation, scalability, and enhanced performance.