Machine Vision Technology Today

According to VDMA Organization, In German and Europe, The machine vision in industry sales records more than doubled in the years 2005 – 2015. Applying Machine Vision leads to improved quality, greater reliability, increased safety and cost-effectiveness.

And as the factory of the future will be designed to yield maximum benefit from the lowest possible consumption of material and energy. Machine vision technology will be a part of the future. It is able to interpret as many data, verify and process then transmit the results to the systems of the value chain in every phase of production. Machine vision is capable of delivering the above-mentioned information, comprehensive and important secondary information to all systems operating in the process network.

Today Machine vision technology is giving Industry 4.0 a true economic significance. Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is leveraging for efficiency, adaptability and productivity through integrating the digital and manufacturing world. Technologies are moving from electrified to automated, to digitalized manufacturing, such as big data, autonomous robots, IoT, cyber security and augmented reality are transforming the manufacturing landscape.

How do machine vision systems work?

Step 1: Image Capturing

The system can automatically capture images through one /multiple instance, ultraviolet or infrared cameras during the production process.

Step 2: Processing

Analyzing the captured image by using customized algorithms.
[verification, identification, gauging, counting, classification …etc].


Step 3: Action

The system takes an action based on the analyzing step.