Today Machine vision technology is giving Industry 4.0 a true economic significance. Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is leveraging for efficiency, adaptability and productivity through integrating the digital and manufacturing world.
Technologies are moving from electrified to automated, to digitalized manufacturing, such as big data, autonomous robots, IoT, cyber security and augmented reality are transforming the manufacturing landscape.


Deep Learning is heavily used in the industry in building intelligent systems to assist humans in various tasks. It is getting computers to pick up a variety of skills, like understanding photos.

Deep Learning technology is used by Google in its voice and image recognition algorithms, by Netflix and Amazon to decide what you want to watch or buy next.

How Can DevisionX Solutions Use Machine Vision and Deep Learning Technologies?

DevisionX is using image capturing and analyzing techniques to automate tasks such as inspection, gauging, identifying, verifying and counting them by using deep learning technology. It can be customized to any market need for any type of industries. DevisionX software can be embedded to Security check applications such as security monitoring, IDs verification.