“The closest to the problems are the best to understand it & The best to solve it if we enable them”.

That is a guiding philosophy behind No code revolution to enable the workers in every industry to design solutions to the challenges they face everyday without coding. Add to that The rapid growth of AI applications in many industries has created a demand for methods to use machine learning easily without experience. That is why we build “TUBA” a tool enables Manufacturers/Businesses apply Machine Vision, AI & Machine Learning technologies to solve their daily challenges easily without Coding Without Experience needed.

Tuba is NO-Code AutoML Tool helps Manufacturers & Businesses to build their own AI Solutions. Tuba enables Developer/Non Developer to label, Train images and get AI trained model ready to be integrated with end solution such as Machine Vision System or other computer vision application.

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TUBA is Putting the power of building AI applications/solutions in the hands of manufacturing experts to solve their daily challenges easily by advanced technologies trough a tool without Coding Without Experience needed! It will unlock new levels of efficiency, quality and profitability.