DevisionX Artwork Inspection Solution

“DevisionX ArtWork Inspection” is a Software automates the Inspection process of the ArtWork Content [Before Printing] such as Text, Numbers & Codes in one easy step with high accuracy.

Control Your Quality and reduce risk of Misprinting and Product Recall

- Content & Numbers & Codes Verification in one Inspection Cycle.

The solution is able to review the entire content of Print Ready ArtWork. Text of “Made In” statement, “Legal Restrictions”, Nutritional Components, Ingredients, …etc in different languages [Support Arabic & English], Numbers, Codes all in one inspection Cycle.

- Automate Your Process, Decrease the Risk

Automating the whole process of inspecting the Artwork before printing let you avoid the human errors and reduce the risk of misprintings and Product Recall and Save operational time.

- Easy & Fast

Easy to use software to verify Text, Codes, Number in your ArtWork before printing in one inspection cycle in a few seconds.

Verify your Artwork Content: Text in different Languages, Codes & Numbers all in one Inspection Cycle in Few Seconds.