Tuba is a No-code AI platform that automates your machine learning process. One platform to label, train your data, and deploy your AI-vision applications in a managed & modular process.

You can use Tuba as a “Labeling Tool”, “Training Tool” or “Deployment Tool” & you can use it as an End-to-End solution to manage the whole cycle for you.

DevisionX has long experience in applying AI & Computer Vision Technologies in different sectors. We are providing our No-Code platform as a customized solution or we can build you a customized AI Vision End application in sectors such: Manufacturing, Logistics & SupplyChain, Transportation & Smart Cities, Agriculture …etc

In the Manufacturing sector, we have local & international Partners in Mechanical, Robotics, Automation & IoT to build AI-Vision End Applications such as:

  • Quality Inspection system

DevisionX has a long experience in applying Machine vision in the Manufacturing sector.

  • Robots with Vision System: 
    We will build your AI & Vision Software and our partners will build the Mechanical, Robotics, and Automation systems to deliver your end solution:

    • VGR – Vision Guided Robots
    • Cobot – Collaborative Robots

We are happy to answer all your questions and help you build your Customized AI vision Application, Contact us at info@devisionx.com or fill out the form below