Tuba is a NO-Code platform that automate the machine learning process to make it easy for Non Developer users to build AI-Vision based application/ solution in a seamless process without coding without AI experience needed! to unlock new levels of efficiency, quality and profitability. It is a pillar of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Simple Interface to label your datasets with one click! and having dashboard with statistics on your process.

Automated Machine Learning process [AutoML] provides you with the best accuracy trained model without going on technical details.

Support different deployment Options [Cloud, Edge].

Pleora’s AI Gateway is one of the deployment options supported by Tuba. Tuba and the the AI Gateway together provide a seamless process, an end-to-end solution for both manufacturers & system integrators in building AI-machine vision/computer vision applications

Tuba & Pleora’s AI Gateway
  • No-Code Tool: Simple & Easy Like using Smartphone Apps 
  • Deployment & Integration Flexibility
  • Digital Transformation [for People & Machines]