Meet, a No-Code/Low-Code platform that automates your machine learning process, allowing you to label, train your data, and deploy your AI-Vision applications through an organised and modular process, with no AI or coding experience required. is designed to be accessible to all levels of expertise. You can build computer vision applications directly through a user-friendly interface without coding or use SDKs for customized development Learn More about

With extensive expertise in AI and Computer Vision technologies across various sectors, DevisionX offers a No-Code/Low Code platform as a tailored solution, or we can create a fully customized AI Vision End application in sectors like Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation, Smart Cities, Agriculture, and more.

Transforming Manufacturing with AI Vision Applications

DevisionX collaborates with local and international partners specializing in Mechanical, Robotics, Automation, and IoT. Together, we create cutting-edge AI-Vision End Applications that elevate your operations, such as:

  1. Quality Inspection System: Benefit from our in-depth experience in applying Machine Vision to improve your quality inspection processes.
  2. Robots with Vision System: Our team develops the AI & Vision Software while our expert partners handle the design and implementation of Mechanical, Robotics, and Automation systems. This synergy results in outstanding solutions like VGR (Vision Guided Robots) and Cobot (Collaborative Robots)

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