- Machine Vision in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is a very sensitive. It is about people health and how any change or any error can affect on millions of patient health. So pharmaceutical is one of the industries that it is not accept errors and always trying to improve the quality to 100% with Zero errors. Applying Machine Vision technology in pharmaceutical industry  identify, measure, gauge and inspect the quality of all manufacturing phases of products.

Here are examples for challenges that can be solved by applying Machine Vision Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry
Photos Sources: Cognex, Banner Engineering, Perception Park, Travancore system

- Counting & Sorting

machine vision can automate some tasks such as Counting and by using Deep learning, the system can classify the items and sorting based on your standards. Example: leaflet and blister should be both inserted correctly in the right position:

  1. Leaflet inserted & Blister in reverse.
  2. leaflet missing & Blister in reverse.
  3. Leaflet inserted correctly
  4. Blisters correctly inserted, but leaflet missing

- Packaging Safety & Integrity

Verify if both sides are properly closed

Check Not aligned or Foreign tablets

Check for missing tablet  and broken tablet

check vial cap, flip-off seal, aluminum sleeves

- Gauging

Check Liquid Level in the vial

- Printing

Check lot number, expiry date Printed Logo and Data

- Chemical Imaging

Check the coating on bills

Identify the empty capsules

- What Can DevisionX offer to you and to your Supply chain?

DevisionX customizes technologies to boost your quality in your production cycle and can be your authorized quality Inspection Partner to ensure applying your standards with your supply chain.

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