- Challenges in Packaging Industry

In Packaging industry, quality issues have a direct impact on the customer. Imagine you buy a packaged food from the store and find its properly sealed or content specification is not relevant or misprinting in dates, locations! It will build a bad impact to the user toward the brand and its products. Today, food industry heading in a direction where high standard packaging is very essential for preserving the contents, availing right information, minimizing wastage and reducing preservatives. Therefore packaging quality is critical in helping ensure the final product is safe, well informed and secure for consumption.

Most common found quality issues in food packaging:

  • Missing caps, lids or open containers.
  • Misapplied labels.
  • Incorrect labels or wrong information.
  • Good Safety, Seal Bad Safety Seal

These problems can be resolved by DevisionX solutions that use machine vision & deep learning. The system can not only understand but identify some details or extract data related to the object and sort objects into segments.

- What Can DevisionX offer to you and to your Supply chain?

DevisionX customizes technologies to boost your quality in your production cycle and can be your authorized quality Inspection Partner to ensure applying your standards with your supply chain.

DevisionX mission is to enable enterprises to apply Machine vision and Deep learning technologies for better competitive advantages to the global market.

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