Urban Planning

Unlock unprecedented capabilities in Urban Planning through AI Computer Vision.

Urban Planning In Smart Cities

Urban planning in smart cities faces constant challenges in optimising resource allocation and ensuring long-term sustainability. This application transcends traditional methods by integrating AI and computer vision, and leveraging on data to create future-proof, citizen-centric environments.

AI and computer vision allows for the real-time analysis of the public space, the urban landscape and citizens, to create efficient, sustainable, and resilient urban environments for the future. Ultimately, these advanced technologies empower planners to make data-driven decisions on infrastructure, resource allocation, and services; enhancing the overall quality of life for citizens.

AI Computer Vision Capabilities In Urban Planning

Infrastructure Monitoring:

Identify and track the condition of roads, bridges, buildings, and other critical infrastructure in real-time.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Monitoring:

Track pedestrian and cyclist activity to improve safety measures and design walkable areas, dedicated bike lanes, and improve pedestrian infrastructure.

Traffic Flow Analysis:

Gain insights into traffic patterns to optimise public transportation routes, manage congestion, and improve overall mobility.

Land Use Optimisation:

Analyse land use patterns and identify opportunities for development, green spaces, and efficient resource allocation.

Resource Management:

Analyse resource usage patterns for utilities like water and electricity, enabling targeted optimisation strategies.

Public Space Management:

Gain data-driven insights into public space usage, such as parks, using computer vision for better resource allocation, maintenance and improvement efforts, ultimately creating safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable public spaces for all.

Tuba.AI: Your Gateway To Build AI Vision Models Effortlessly

Design your city for the future with Tuba.AI, the one-stop platform for building robust AI computer vision models for urban planning. Effortlessly label urban imagery, train custom models to analyse public spaces and deploy them for real-time insights – all within Tuba.AI‘s user-friendly interface. 

Even without extensive AI expertise, users can leverage Tuba.AI‘s intuitive interface for example, to classify cracks on pavements, rusts on bridges and even damages on buildings, to later train and deploy the model to identify early signs of such damages and alert city engineers for rework.

The Value Of Applying AI Computer Vision To Urban Planning

Reduced Operational Costs:

Identify infrastructure issues early, preventing costly repairs and disruptions from major failures.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Gaining deep insights into the existing urban environment empowers planners to make informed decisions based on factual information, not just estimations.

Improved Resource Management:

Optimise resource allocation for utilities and infrastructure maintenance, saving money and energy.

Enhanced Public Services:

Deliver better public services by optimising traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and resource allocation.

Improved Public Safety and Security:

By gaining enhanced situational awareness, this allows the detection of any unsafe activity, enabling quicker response times by authorities, as well as identifying patterns and potential threats before they escalate.

Sustainability and Resilience:

Exploit data to prioritise energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and in building resilient infrastructure by identifying areas vulnerable to flooding or other environmental hazards, allowing for robust designs.

DevisionX At Your Service

At DevisionX, we are committed to simplifying your AI computer vision journey, offering our user-friendly Tuba.AI platform that empowers urban planners with the comprehensive suite of SaaS and SDK options. Our team of experts are dedicated to tailoring AI vision solutions to your exact needs, ensuring a smooth integration, paving the way for a safer, and citizen-centric environment. Embark on this journey by signing-up to Tuba.AI, and experience the power of AI computer vision through its user-friendly platform. Start your free trial now!

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