Crop Sorting

Unlock unprecedented capabilities in Crop Sorting through AI Computer Vision.

Crop Sorting In Agriculture

Crop Sorting in the agriculture industry is the process of classification and categorisation of harvested crops based on various attributes such as size, shape, colour or other criteria to ensure uniformity, and facilitate distribution or further processing. 

AI and computer vision can take this process a step further by not only automatically sorting crops, but also grading their quality according to specific attributes, classifying them into different categories, and even detect defects with high levels of accuracy. By harnessing computer vision and AI capabilities, farmers can consistently harvest crops of superior quality, ensuring a faster readiness for the market.

AI Computer Vision Capabilities In Crop Sorting

Crop Detection:

Computer vision algorithms can identify and locate different types of crops alongside their characteristics.

Defect Detection & Quality Assessment:

Utilise computer vision to assess the quality of crops based on predefined standards, detecting defects or abnormalities.


Classify crops into different categories based on specified criteria, such as size, colour, or ripeness.

Sorting and Grading:

Automatically sort and grade crops according to their attributes using computer vision capabilities, ensuring consistency and uniformity.

Real-time Monitoring:

Continuously monitor the sorting process to detect any issues or anomalies, and make adjustments when needed.

Tuba.AI: Your Gateway To Build AI Vision Models Effortlessly

Tuba.AI stands as your one-stop platform for every stage of AI computer vision model development. From seamlessly labelling data images to efficient training processes and straightforward deployment, Tuba.AI empowers you to build robust models for crop sorting applications. 

As an agricultural business, you can use Tuba.AI to build models to classify fruits based on ripeness or vegetables based on size and shape, optimising the sorting process for efficiency and accuracy.

The Value Of Applying AI Computer Vision To Crop Sorting

Cost Reduction:

By automating sorting tasks and minimising human intervention, AI computer vision helps reduce labour costs and minimise waste, resulting in overall cost savings.

Improved Efficiency:

AI-driven crop sorting reduces manual labour and processing time, leading to increased productivity and throughput.


By optimising the use of resources and minimising waste, fostering a greener future indefinitely.

Enhanced Quality Control:

Accurate sorting ensures that only high-quality crops reach the market, improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Market Competitiveness:

Consistent, high-quality crop sorting enables agricultural businesses to remain competitive in the market by meeting quality standards and customer demands.

DevisionX At Your Service

At DevisionX, we are committed to simplifying the adoption of AI computer vision technology for crop sorting applications, offering comprehensive solutions through Tuba.AI as a versatile SaaS and SDK option. Our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring AI vision solutions to your exact needs, ensuring a seamless integration of advanced technology into your agricultural processesEmbark on this journey by signing-up to Tuba.AI, and experience the power of AI computer vision through its user-friendly platform. Start your free trial now!

For those seeking customisation, explore our range of Software Development Kits (SDKs), offering versatile options such as Automatic Image Labelling, Classification Models Training, Object Detection and Segmentation Training, Model Deployment, and Job Manager. Request a SDK and begin tailoring solutions that precisely fit your unique requirements!