- Challenges in Printing Industry

Printing Industry is rich of different items to be inspected. Inspected items can be words, numbers, orientation, sizes, colors, dates,  ….etc. Then verification for every item and sorting them into segments based on the standard applied by the client. Machine vision enables making inspection for printed items of many types of materials such as plastic, paper, textile, metal, …etc.

DevisionX solutions – that use machine vision & deep learning – can not only understand but identify some details or extracting data related to the object and sorting objects into segments.

DevisionX is using OCR [Optical Character Recognition] and OCV [Optical Character Verification], to build solutions to make inspection for product data before & after printing in both of two cases as below:

Before Printing – Artwork Inspection: Request A demo For FREE
Making inspection for the artwork document – before printing – to ensure that includes text, logos, brand name, and all right data that is important for your end user such as ingredients, Expiration date, …etc.

After Printing – Inline Inspection:
Making inspection for data, codes [Such as Barcode & Qr code] of the product – after Printing data on the product – during manufacturing process in the production line by using industrial camera that is suitable to the speed and the environment that can capture images then analyzing the images by using DevisionX machine learning algorithms then taking actions and extracting real time reports.

- What Can DevisionX offer to you and to your Supply chain?

DevisionX customizes technologies to boost your quality in your production cycle and can be your authorized quality Inspection Partner to ensure applying your standards with your supply chain.

DevisionX mission is to enable enterprises to apply Machine vision and Deep learning technologies for better competitive advantages to the global market.

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