How can Machine Vision systems boost quality & productivity in Date Palm Industry?

Date Palm: The Holy Fruit in the Arab World

Date Palm fruit is one of the holy fruits for the Arabs not only because of its great benefits, but also it is connected with Arab life and traditions especially in Ramadan for Muslims, they start their breakfast with dates.

13 Arab countries is producing 95% of dates fruit world production, Egypt comes first with 18% (1.5 Million Tonnes) of the world production. Saudi Arabia produces 15% (1 Million Tonnes) and United Arab Emirates comes in the fourth place – after Iran – with around 671K tonnes. And other Arab countries like Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Oman, Tunisia are in the top ten dates producers in the world [according to UN Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO)].

There are many types of dates such as: Barhi, Thoory, Halawi, Majdool, Khadrawy, Deglet Noor, Fard, Zahidi, Dayri …etc. Dates can be eaten fresh or natural plain dates, Filled Dates, Chocolate coated Dates and elite creations of products made from finest Dates quality such as Maamol, cookies, Spread, Jam, Syrup, Vinegar …etc

What are the problems facing exporting Date Palm?

Although Egypt is the first producer in dates in the world, but it exports only 34k Tonnes in the 1st half of 2018 with 61% increase comparing with the same period in 2017.

What are the problems facing exporting Dates?
Absence of technology, diseases such as Red Palm Weevil and farmers without knowledge build product that could not be able to compete in the global market. Dates is a poor product in marketing, quality standard, Packaging…etc.

How can DevisionX machine vision Systems making quality inspection for the dates industry?

DevisionX builds technological solutions – integrated with industry 4.0 revolution – to boost quality and productivity, using Machine Vision and deep Learning technologies.

How can DevisionX machine vision Systems making quality inspection for the dates industry?

In any phase of production, by using DevisionX machine vision system that is consist of:
An industrial camera to capture real time images for the dates and DevisionX software algorithms makes analyzing for the images to detect defects and then taking actions such as giving alarm,  stopping the machine or avoiding the defected sample. And extracting customized real time reports.

What kind of defects/problems that can DevisionX machine vision System detect in dates ?

- Sorting and Grading

Sorting the dates based on Size, Color Type, ….etc

- Visible Defects

DevisionX inspection systems are able to detect dates that suffer from loose skin, broken dates, corrupted ones.

- Invisible Defects

If the dates or any of dates products includes invisible unwanted component, DevisionX Quality inspection system can easily detect it by using Hyperspectral Imaging.

- Packaging

Packaging is the final step that speaks about your product, logo, brand name, data of usage, components, expiration & production date. All these items can be detected by using DevisionX quality inspection systems for dates industry.

What Can DevisionX offer to you and to your Supply chain?

DevisionX customizes technologies to boost your quality in your production cycle and can be your authorized quality Inspection Partner to ensure applying your standards with your supply chain.

DevisionX mission is to enable enterprises to apply Machine vision and Deep learning technologies for better competitive advantages to the global market. So we will be in the 4th Date Palm Festival in Siwa  from 7 to 9 November 2018. Visit us and learn more about DevisionX quality Inspection Systems for dates industry.

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