- Machine Vision in Automotive Industry

The automobile is a result of many industries and phases: tires, wheel, power train, chassis, electronics, assembly of parts, welding, …etc. Machine Vision system is able to identify, measure, gauge and inspect the quality of all these phases and industries. By using industrial camera or sensor, for detecting the defects [of welding, stamping, assembly, size conformity, …etc] through capturing image and then analyzing it through DevisionX Machine learning algorithms and taking an action and extract real time and customized reports.

Here are examples for challenges that can be solved by applying Machine Vision Technology in Automotive Industry
Photos Source: lmi3d.com – photonics.com – keyence – cognex [ViDi]

- Welding

Welding Defects is not always visible! But Machine Vision can make inspection for welding defects even if visible or invisible such as metal sheets inspection and Piston Welding Seam Inspection.

- Gauging

Machine vision is able to inspect and verify critical dimensions or volume of parts such as Cylinder, Brake Valve, dimensions and placement of glue beads and detect conformity for spaces dimensions.

- Stamping & Body Parts

Ensuring stamped parts are the right size and shape

Making Inspection for the VIN Code 

Identify tires by DOT code as part of automated tire sorting system

Read codes to track and trace engine blocks

- Power Train Assembly

Inspect steering wheel knuckles prior to module assembly.

Inspect side-frame mounting holes Size & Position.

Making Inspection for Cam Shaft.

Verify that pistons are seated properly in a cylinder block 

- General Assembly

Inspection for coating defects such as [Dirt, Craters, Sag & Run]

Verify operation of exterior thermal features: windscreen Heaters & side mirror

- What Can DevisionX offer to you and to your Supply chain?

DevisionX customizes technologies to boost your quality in your production cycle and can be your authorized quality Inspection Partner to ensure applying your standards with your supply chain.

DevisionX mission is to enable enterprises to apply Machine vision and Deep learning technologies for better competitive advantages to the global market.

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