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DevisionX enables Manufacturing to build AI-Vision Solutions Without Coding in a seamless process.

Our No-Code platform is putting the power of AI in the hands of the manufacturing experts – Engineers & Technicians – to build solutions to their daily challenges easily.
For example: Quality/Production engineer can use his experience about the defected & Good samples data to build Quality Solution based on AI that can classify & sort the defected and non defected samples of a product. Learn more about Tuba No-Code platform!

DevisionX Solution

Our NO-Code platform is automating machine learning process and make it easy for Non Developer users to build AI-Vision based application/ solution in a seamless process without coding without AI experience needed. Learn more about our AutoML No-Code Platform!

AI Vision Industrial Applications

AI & Machine Vision technologies are able to check defects of products in different phases with higher accuracy in different industries Such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Packaging, Textile ..etc. Learn more about AI & Machine Vision industrial Applications!

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DevisionX is looking forward to being one of the contributors for AI and a part of Digital Transformation that is happening now in the world. You are welcome to join DevisionX team.

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We believe in the powerful of collaboration and partnership, so we are welcoming any type of collaborations [Integration, Distributor, Supplier, Offshore or Joint Projects].

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