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DevisionX - Machine vision solution

Introduction to DevisionX:

“DevisionX” is coming from using “Deep” learning in “X” of machine “Vision” solutions in “X” fields of industries. DevisionX builds total solutions integrated with industry 4.0 revolution. DevisionX supports enterprises to apply machine vision and deep learning technologies to automate some processes such as quality inspection, gauging processes and so, reducing time, production wastes, production Expenses, human errors.

Machine Vision Technology

Applying Machine Vision leads to improved quality, greater reliability, increased safety and cost-effectiveness. Today Machine vision technology is giving Industry 4.0 a true economic significance.

Deep Learning Technology

Deep Learning is heavily used in the industry in building intelligent systems to assist humans in various tasks. It is getting computers to pick up a variety of skills, like understanding photos.

Machine Vision Solutions


[Defect Detection]


[Defect Detection & Classification]


[Verification & Identification & Segmentation]


[Embedded vision Solution]

Data Management Solutions


[Reporting System]
Analyzing Data, Making Grading and generating custom reports based on the standard applied by the client or the industry.


[Reporting & Planning System]
Analyzing Data, Making Grading, Ability to search in the database, generating custom reports and Remotely control through the internet.