Seamless AI Vision With Zero-Code!

One platform to label, train your data and deploy your AI-vision application with Zero-Code!

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Seamless AI-Vision with Zero-Code for Everyone!

With the power of AI, we have built the perfect foundation for businesses of various industries to grow and accelerate digital transformation in machines and people; to ultimately achieve sustainability. Our technology paves the way for exceptional AI & Computer Vision solutions to your daily challenges with Zero-Code!

Tuba.AI is a No-Code/Low-Code platform that automates your machine learning process, allowing you to label, train your data, and deploy your AI-Vision applications through an organised and modular process, with no AI or coding experience required.

AI-Vision End Applications

DevisionX has long experience in applying AI & Computer Vision Technologies in different sectors. We are providing our No-Code platform as a customized solution or we can build you a customized AI Vision End application ex: Quality Inspection solutions & Robots with Vision System [VGR and Cobots] in Manufacturing Sector.

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