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The One-Stop AI Computer Vision Software

Tuba.AI is a No-Code tool that serves as an end-to-end solution for the development of models through a seamless and cost-effective manner without the need for any coding experience, making it accessible for everyone and anyone. This user-friendly platform enables an effortless execution of Computer Vision processes, facilitating swift dataset labelling, training, and model deployment.

Tuba.AI As A Custom Solution

At DevisionX, we’re dedicated to simplifying your AI Computer Vision journey and tailoring solutions precisely to your needs. Our Low-Code approach empowers you to customize solutions effortlessly. Choose from our range of Software Development Kits (SDKs)—Automatic Image Labeling, Classification Model Training, Object Detection & Segmentation Training, Model Deployment, and Job Manager—to develop personalized and polished applications. Craft solutions that seamlessly align with your unique business requirements and embark on a revolutionary AI experience with us.

AI Computer Vision Applications in Different Industries

AI Computer Vision Training and Consultation Services

Recognising that successful AI and Computer Vision integration requires more than just tools, DevisionX also provides personalised Training and Consultation services, ensuring your team possesses the AI talent and expertise necessary to seamlessly integrate these solutions into your specific workflows. By investing in our Training and Consulting services, you will empower your team to become key players in your digital transformation journey, unlocking the true potential of AI and Computer Vision to achieve your business goals.

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