All About Unlimited Vision

Introduction to DevisionX:

“DevisionX” is coming from using “Deep” learning in “X” of machine “Vision” solutions in “X” fields of industries.

DevisionX is building Quality inspection Systems – that is integrated with industry 4.0 revolution – by using Machine vision and Deep learning Technologies for helping enterprises to get tasks digitalized and automated with more accuracy, low cost and save time.

"TUBA" AI-Enabling Tool

TUBA is Putting the power of building AI applications/solutions in the hands of manufacturing experts to solve their daily challenges easily by advanced technologies trough a tool Without Coding Without Experience needed!

Machine Vision System

Applying Machine Vision leads to improved quality, greater reliability, increased safety and cost-effectiveness. Today Machine vision technology is giving Industry 4.0 a true economic significance.

Machine Vision Solutions


[Defect Detection]


[Defect Detection & Classification]


[Verification & Identification & Segmentation]


[Embedded vision Solution]

Data Management Solutions


[Reporting System]
Analyzing Data, Making Grading and generating custom reports based on the standard applied by the client or the industry.


[Reporting & Planning System]
Analyzing Data, Making Grading, Ability to search in the database, generating custom reports and Remotely control through the internet.