All About Unlimited Vision

Introduction to DevisionX

“DevisionX” is coming from using “Deep” learning in “X” of machine “Vision” solutions in “X” fields of industries.

DevisionX is building Quality inspection Systems – that is integrated with industry 4.0 revolution – by using Machine vision and Deep learning Technologies for helping enterprises to get tasks digitalized and automated with more accuracy, low cost and save time.


Our mission is to enable enterprises to apply machine vision and deep learning technologies by building total solutions that can be integrated to their production processes for better competitive advantages to the global market, expertise and support.


Our vision is to be one of the contributors for AI and Industry 4.0 development through our expertise and passion in machine vision and deep learning technologies.

DevisionX Network

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DevisionX is looking forward to being one of the contributors for AI and a part of Digital Transformation that is happening now in the world.
If you are talent enough to be a part of this vision, you are welcome to join DevisionX team. Send your CV on